MMI specializes in producing high quality coking coal for domestic and international market. The demand comes from domestic and global steel manufacturers and foundry coke manufacturers, who invariably require this coal as a suitable blend for making coke.

Coking coal, otherwise called metallurgical coal, is used in the synthesis of coke, a key ingredient in steel production. It is distinguished by its unique caking ability. When it is heated in coke ovens in a reducing atmosphere, the rising temperature causes it to become plastic before fusing together to solidify into coke particles. This is the caking process.

The end product, coke, is used to maximize the output of steel blast furnaces. Its efficacy is determined by the quality of coking coal used: rank, composition, mineral content and softening property. It is also influenced by the physical environment of the coke plant, i.e., its operational conditions.

Coking coals normally include bituminous coals, which have all of the properties intrinsic to making high quality coke.